Monday Night River Sessions


Sessions begin in early May!

If you require kit and/or coaching at the sessions please arrive at 6.30pm, when the container will be opened and kit issued. It has been agreed that the container will be closed at 6.45pm to ensure coaching groups can be formed and everyone will be ready to get onto the water together (something which is often hard work for our volunteer coaches, so we hope you can understand the need for tightening up on the times and issuing of kit).


Those without their own kit can hire full kit (Boat, Paddle, Spraydeck, Buoyancy Aid etc.) from the club for £5 for Monday night sessions.

Borrowing kit

If you borrow kit for use at other sessions such as the Wednesday night sessions at Llangollen then please ensure you are either using the kit the following Monday or return it so that others may. Kit hire is always in high demand on a Monday and those preventing it’s use on a Monday night will be charged.

Club membership

Non-members are  welcome  to come along for two taster sessions. After that everyone is required to become a member to attend further sessions and be covered by our insurance.


We are often asked about minimum age – it is difficult to give an age, because it also depends on their size due to the kit available, but the committee agreed that 10 years old would be used as a guide and please note that a parent/guardian must be present (on the bank or river) throughout the session. We also require that you fill in the parental consent form. Parent consent to junior’s membership 

Personal kit

Each individual is responsible for turning up with appropriate personal kit including:

  • Suitable footwear that provides protection and is secure (not flip flops! or bare feet!)
  • Warm layers (not one thick woolly jumper – multiple thin layers are better, Man-made fibres are your friend)
  • Towel and change of clothes.
  • No denim! or other cotton clothes (You’ll actual end up colder than without)

Depending on the weather

  • Ideally a thin waterproof/windproof jacket.
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Sugary Snacks/Energy Bars
  • Hot drink or stuff to make one in the pavilion


We have the use of the Pavilion again this year which provides the following

  • Toilets (Regular and Disabled)
  • Hot Showers
  • Changing room (items left in here during the session are at your own risk)
  • Heating
  • Small kitchen with Fridge and Water Boiler.

Medical conditions / medication

Although you will have included any conditions or medication on your membership form please also ensure any new coach you are working is also aware as we do not always have to opportunity to pass on the information.

Also ensure that you have on your person any emergency medication needed (Inhalers, Epipens, GTN etc) and don’t just leave them in a bag on the bank as you may be some distance from Frankwell during the course of the evening.


All sessions rely on the presence of volunteer coaches and helpers Each week there will be one nominated Coach-in-charge who will be responsible for making decisions e.g. regarding the river conditions and suitability of person/kit to get on the water.


All watercourses and lakes carry the risk of waterborne infections.  The Severn is a generally clean river and we are happy to teach capsize drills etc in these sessions but a few points should be be noted:
Cover any open cuts with water-proof plasters before going on the water.
(First Aid kit in the container)
If you capsize try to avoid ingesting water
After paddling, shower off in the pavilion or when you get home
(showers available in the pavilion except when the Cricketers are using it)

If you develop flu like symptoms within 10-14 days after paddling you may have picked up a water borne infection called Leptospirosis.  This is a rare event but nationally a few paddlers do catch it each year.  If you think you may have caught the infection do not delay; go straight to your GP and say that you are a paddler and that you want a bloodtest for Leptospirosis and immediate antibiotics whilst the results of the bloodtests are awaited.  Untreated Leptospirosis can develop into Weils Disease which is even rarer but is a life threatening condition if untreated.

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