Local Rivers Information

This list is not intended to duplicate or replicate the published guidebooks or the online guides at ukrgb.co.uk. But please add any useful information on such matters as access / gauges / strainers for the rivers you paddle and or update existing information.

Entries via the club secretary:


If you egress at Meifod  a mile or so below the confluence with the Vyrnwy acccess is simple and parking is available at the Rugby club.

Parking at the confluence with the Vyrnwy is limited but it is ok to leave one or two cars either in the space on the side road just downstream of the bridge over the Vyrnwy (controlled by traffic lights) or across the bridge over the Banwy and turn right into a farm drive and then right into a parking space. Avoid parking immediately before the Banwy bridge because lorrys need this space to get across the bridge. (03/2016)


Llangollen to Erbistock/Overton
Parking is usually OK at the Boat but check first in case they have a function on and need all their parking. In any event do not leave more cars at the take out than necessary and park on the field beyond the car park rather than the car park itself. Be sure to spend some money in the pub to say “thankyou”. (03/2016)

The Cross Foxes pub at Overton Bridge is also usually happy for  a minimum number of cars to park there as a take out but NB: 1) the take out is immediately downstream of the bridge so boats have to be carried across the road- GREAT CAUTION NEEDED,  FAST TRAFFIC FROM BOTH DIRECTIONS WITH LIMITED VISIBILITY.  Put a spotter on the car park to control the crossing.  2) Paddling down from the Boat to the Cross Foxes includes Erbistock weir, pre-inspect from public footpath on river left,   salmon shoot paddleable in low levels  runs diagonally from river right to left but access can be blocked by fallen trees.  Canoe ramp on extreme river right is rough concrete , portage is on river right.

Access/Egress at Ty Mawr country park has free parking but a long portage down to/up from the river, trolleys essential for canoes

Farndon to Chester
Free parking at Farndon.  Sandy Lane, Chester is also free but in theory is limited to 4 hurs, however the council does not seem to police this at weekends.  Depending on levels the best put in may be 50metres downstream of the bridge

Glyndyfrdwy to Llangollen: 
The best put in is reached from the A5 by crossing the river and turning east and then right at a sign for riverside log cabins.  Launch fee is £3 per person and if the farmer is not there to collect it post it in  an envelope through the door of the farmhouse back on the public road before launching
Bangor on Dee to Farndon:
Roadside parking in  Bangor and possibly in the Royal Oak pub car park (check).   Parking available at the get out at Farndon. An enjoyable river section with numerous meanders.
Can experience head winds on the meanders if the wind is strong.

River level can be gauged by looking upstream from the bridge in Berriew to the final grade III/IV drop. Slabs will be seen on river right; if these are dry the river is unpaddleable, if water is just coming down the slabs the river is scrapey and if the slabs are paddleable as a chicken run the river will be big. Launching at the Beehive pub in Manafon is OK with no need to seek permission in advance. For the first time ever on this river we encountered a grumpy fisherman in 03/2016.


The top section from Llangynog down to Penybontfawr is very overgrown by trees with lots of strainers and this section is not recommended for large or inexperienced groups. If taking out at Llanyblodwel it is no longer possible to park cars at the Horseshoes pub. Park by the parish church just along a side road to the north of the bridge. (03/2016)

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