Saturday September 17th 2016
by Dylan Tomlinson

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Quarry Pool – March & Rally 2 July – Council vote 13 July March & Rally to save the Quarry Pool – Saturday 2 July – 11:00 Pride Hill Don’t let the councillor for Shifnal (TF11) decide to close your … Continue reading

Sunday April 3rd 2016
by Tom Hyde

Quarry Swimming Centre

The final decision on the Quarry pool is likely to be made in the coming months, with Shropshire Council’s current preferred option being the closure of the pool and the construction of vastly reduced capacity facilities at the Sundorne Sports … Continue reading

Video / slideshow / talk / interpretive dance competition!

Monday April 13th 2015 by Tom Hyde | 0 comments

As Alex has said in her email there will be a competition for media to be shown during the 2016 AGM (as there is a great need for the AGM’s to have a bit more than just the boring stuff) As inspiration I have put in a video of your chairman getting a thrashing in the Alps, should be simple enough to make something better than the raw unedited footage in that!

Alex’s email regarding the competition:

After a fairly dry AGM (the highlight of which being a well colour coded spreadsheet) we have decided we need to bring back the glory days, when the AGM was 20% business 80% party. We used to have members show pictures of their exploits, or give a talk about a special trip. We’d have a bring and share buffet, a few bevies and everyone from all sectors of the club would get to know about what everyone else was doing.

So, high brace yourselves, for the launch of the SCC Paddling Presentation competition!
You have a year to create a gripping / funny / interesting / exciting / relaxing presentation about your paddling for the 2016 AGM. Your presentation can take the form of a go-pro film, slideshow, talk, interpretive dance …. anything that gets across how much fun you had on the water in 2015.
We want to see surf, canals, raging rivers, placid lakes and brutal polo tackles. We want to see old hands rolling in anger and newbies first taste of grade 3. We want to hear about that sea paddling holiday where you saw a porpoise and had a BBQ on the beach!
Of course there will be prizes …. prizes so wonderful its going to take me a whole year to think them up!
Entries will be limited to 10 minutes, although much shorter entries will be fine; we’d rather have a well edited 2 mins of footage than 10 minutes of unedited tedium.
Closing date will be March 18th. If you are doing a slideshow or film I’ll need the files, if you are doing a talk I’ll need to know what its about and how long it will take.
The top entries will be selected by a panel of experts, and shown at 2016’s AGM.
Can’t wait to see what you come up with,

Thursday April 2nd 2015
by Tom Hyde

Shrewsbury Canoe Club on Strava!

I know that Strava is for cycling, however I also know that there are a lot of cyclists in the club so I have made a group on Strava for SCC members.

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