Approved Paddle Leaders

The following members have been approved to provide Club Activities within the following Remits.

Information regarding the scope of the remits can be found in Appendix 7 to the Club Safety Plan .

British Canoeing Level 1 Coach/Paddlesport Instructor

Alex Tedford, Brian Wenlock, Dave Southern, Dylan Roberts,  Matthew Dunn,  Tom Hyde, Kylie Matthews, Thomas Hyde, Toby Roberts

Old BCU Level 2 Coach

Chris Humphries (3* Open Canoe)

Karen Darby

British Canoeing Level 2/ Coach

Nigel Conway (OC and K)

Dave Butler (OC and K)

Amy Goolden (K)

Neil Gantley (SUP, OC, K)

Kev Homewood

Dave Southern (MW Sea)

Dave Coan (OC and K)

British Canoeing Level3/Performance Coach

Sue Couling (AW Sea)

Old BCU Level 3 Kayak Coach

Dave Butler (remit-Leading/coaching on swift water up to grade 2 (with short sections of 3) at venues such as Jackfield or The Mill – Llangollen, with suitable support.)
Chris Hughes
Dave Chapman
Duncan Smalley
Nigel Conway
Iain Thompson
Sue Couling

Old BCU Level 3 Canoe Coach

Chris Hughes

Old BCU Level 3 Surf Coach

Duncan Smalley

British Canoeing 4* White Water Kayak Leaders/ BC WWK Leader

Alex Tedford
Dylan Roberts
Brian Wenlock
Tom Hyde

Toby roberts

British Canoeing 4*Sea/Sea Kayak Leader

Dave Southern
Amy Goolden

British Canoeing 4* OC/OC Leader

Chris Humphries, Neil Gantley, Kev Homewood

British Canoeing 5* OC/ Advanced OC Leader

Nigel Conway

British Canoeing 5* WWK/Advanced WWK Leader

Nigel Conway

British Canoeing 5* Sea/ Advanced Sea Leader

Sue Couling

Club authorised Polo Leaders

Dylan Tomlinson, Toby Roberts

Club Authorised Paddle Leaders

Nigel Conway is authorised  to:

  • run club kayaking trips on white water up to grade 4 water.
  • run club surfing sessions in up to 1 metre of surf.

Brian Wenlock  and Simon Pond are both authorised to lead/coach club kayaking trips on water up to grade 4

Chris Humphries  is authorised to run open canoe trips equivalent to the remit of a 4* OC Leader Inland (Sheltered Tidal Water / Sea as defined by British Canoeing) and to run kayak trips on moderate inland water.

Alex Tedford and Dylan Roberts are both authorised to run intro to whitewater sessions on the Dee at Llangollen

James Block is authorised to run adult and junior race training sessions and races at Frankwell and at the sites of other Clubs

Richard Green authorised to run trips on Inland Sheltered Water

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