Use of the Frankwell Site

Access to the containers and use of the cricket pavilion and associated parking

  1. Members can access the Containers at any time convenient to a key holder for the purpose of getting kit out or returning it after use.  Short term parking on the Field is OK in this respect.
  2. Launching and landing at the slipway is fine at any time.
  3. Parking vehicles on the field during the duration of a trip starting or finishing at the slipway is fine subject to there being no conflict with the needs of cricketers/footballers etc who may have booked and paid for the use of the facilities generally. If planning to park  vehicles in this connection you should notify Mike Cox at the Town Council in advance ( [email protected])  to make sure there will be no problem and keep the number of vehicles to a minimum and park tidily.
  4. Coaches running courses at Frankwell and wishing to use the field for parking or the Pavilion facilities must contact Mike Cox in advance to check that the site is available and to make a booking if required.
  5. The downstairs toilet in the pavilion can be accessed at any time (key in the Containers)
  6. Use of the field for parking not connected to paddling and in particular overnight parking is never acceptable.
  7. Use of the upstairs facilities at the Pavilion must always be pre booked with Mike Cox.
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