Polo for Autumn/Winter 2014/2015


Pool sessions every Monday except Easter in the Quarry Centre
– arrive early to be on the water for 8pm and out of the building by 9:30pm.

Sessions are £6 each and we only need 9 bods to cover costs, and we’ll ask you to join after your first couple of sessions.

Indoor polo sessions will continue every Monday until after Easter (23 March depending on demand). We will be organising some local tournaments in the Quarry pool on Saturday or Sunday nights, dates tbc.

Saturday morning outdoor sessions with SPS continue, and there’s Trentham Sunday training dates below.

League dates – All Saturday evenings except first two NW Regionals.

NW Regional Div2 – Three tournaments:

04-Oct – Daytime @ Collingwood Dock (outdoors), Liverpool, L3 0AH
– RESULT: Drew 2, Won 2

22-Nov – Cheadle pool, Manchester, SK8 1JR
– RESULT: Drew 1, Won 3

28-FebCheadle pool, Manchester, SK8 1JR
– FINAL tournament – “just” need three wins from four games to secure the league title

NW Regional Div4 – Four tournaments:

11-Oct – Daytime @Collingwood Dock (outdoors), Liverpool, L3 0AH
– RESULT: Drew 2, Won 3

13-Dec – Lunchtime Cheadle pool, Manchester, SK8 1JR
– RESULT: Lost 2, Won 2

14-Mar – Lunchtime Cheadle pool, Manchester, SK8 1JR

25-Apr – Trentham pool ?
– will probably be deferred until…

17 May (Sunday) – Treantham Lake – All day event to accommodate the uni teams who had BUCS events scheduled against the previous 2 dates


Ladies Northern Development – Four out of five tournaments:

25-Oct-2014 – NOT playing at this one, but extra February date added

24-Jan-2015 – All 17:30-22:00 @ Cheadle
– RESULT: Lost 4
(but last games only 4-2 & 2-1)

– RESULT: Lost 2, Won 2

– RESULT: Lost 1, Won 2
(currently 5th in league)

– FINAL tournament

Trentham Sunday Evening Training Sessions
– £9.50 for 90 minutes @ Fenton 33m Pool, Stoke

19 Oct – Weekend after next…

23 Nov – Immediately after next Div2

01 Feb – Before last Div2
– Got a team of 5 on the water for 90 min session

08 Mar – Before penultimate Div4




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