Polo Update – Summer 2014


The deadline for league entries is looming & more kit’s arriving at the new container, here’s what you need to know about canoe polo right now.

We’re fielding three teams in this winter’s regional leagues on Saturday evenings at Cheadle, south Manchester:
* A-team of experienced polo players looking to get promoted into the next division
* B-team to progress youth & intermediate paddlers
* Ladies squad to paddle in the new Development League (read the link!)

Any of the women can also play in the A or B team as they wish, and anyone in the B-team can bump up to the A-squad, as long as that leaves enough B-paddlers as it’s a one-way move.

Meanwhile, we’re paddling polo at Shropshire Paddlesport’s Queens Head site (SY11 4EB)
* Saturday mornings sessions 9:30-11:30 with their youth group & returning students
* Wednesday evenings competitively 18:30 for as long as the light holds out

Mondays are currently SCC general river sessions but we will run some polo training on the river before the pool sessions resume in late September/early October.

This is what the teams are looking like, though we’d like a squad of 8 in each league – let me know what you think – especially if you’re not on the lists!

* A-team Regional Div 2/3
Dylan Tomlinson
Matt Dare
Mike Creese
Mark Darby
Connor Lambert
Tim Bevan
Cameron Lambert

* B-team Regional Div 4
Alistair Black
Duncan Sokolowski
Toby Roberts
Chris Wood
Nigel Sidebottom (2/4)
Carlo Dilucia (?)

* Ladies Development League North
Amy Goolden
Daisy Lee
Daisy Tomlinson
Lowri Peters
Liz Menhinnick
Jessica Hosie
Stacey Cromey-Hawk
Florence Whittle

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