Ireland Surf & Turf Trip Oct 2008

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Thanks to Nigel for an excellent trip to Ireland. This is how it went:

Ten people and their boats in two vehicles made it across the Irish sea and over to Belleek on the northwest corner on the Saturday. We were installed in two holiday cottages, surrounded by water, on the border between Ulster and the Republic. Actually, there is no border. Just cheaper fuel and road signs in kilometers and gaelic dual language.

Even-handedly we spent a couple of days paddling in both – going to Donegal and Sligo in the Republic, and Fermanagh in Ulster. Peat-brown rivers and brown ‘white’ water. Wet fields with reeds growing through the grass, and some outright bogs. Lots of lovely rivers – Owenmore, Owenkillew and Kinelly, Derg – grades 1 and 2, with some grade 3 bits. The first grade 3 bit had all the girls swimming, while the best grade 3 bit collected Alison and Elizabeth as swimmers (and Neil trying to do clever tricks), but was successfully completed by Ruth. On a couple of days the boys went to do a short hard river for the second part – including the mighty falls of the Duff- completed successfully by all (Rob without lenses in). One day on surf in Sligo – great big surf, shame about the stony beaches.

Relying on our intrepid captain’s local knowledge we had some interesting tours of the countryside on our way to finding the get-ins. But rivers can change! Weirs can be added!

Culturally, we did ‘sitting around a peat fire’ after our meals together, and also the proper ‘Guiness in an Irish pub thing’ as well. On the way back we had a local’s tour of Derry from Nigel.

Great thanks again to Nigel for organising and driving, also to Rob for driving and transporting so much in his splended van. We all had a fantastic time, and there’s plenty more to look forward to still.

Coming soon to a small screen near Ashley Street – the full picture story.


ADMIN EDIT* what we done and on what days
Sunday: Eske
Monday: Ownwee & Bonnet
Tuseday: Glenlly Ownkillue and Duff
wendsday: esky surfing and Duff
Thursday: Derg
Friday: The City of Derry

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